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One of many ancient fountains
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Monday, 9-Jun-2003 00:00
Bern, Switzerland
(June 7) The Vevey-Bern route is about an hour's drive at 120 kph speed. As we cruised the auto-route, we saw that Switzerland sure is a lot more breathtaking at daytime than in the evening. Picture-pretty vineyards and quaint chateaus and chalets came to life as we drove by. The plains and mountains were huge expanses of green!

Bern is on the German side of Switzerland. It looked a little bit different from Vevey. For a more convenient sightseeing, Junnie left the car parked for two hours and we all took a short bus-ride to the famous landmarks. Their buses were clean and looked like new so it was perfectly alright to commute the short distance. I wouldnâ??t be too willing to do that in Manila or Cebu though.

As any first time traveler, I took shots of the whimsical 400-year old fountains that dotted the cobbled streets of Bern, the Clock Tower or giant cuckoo clock, and the gothic Munster Cathedral which was built between 1421 and 1893.

The highlight of the Bern walking tour was the waiting and listening to the 11:00 AM sound of the giant cuckoo clock. It was quite magical when the clockâ??s figures started coming to life. Everybody was craning his neck to watch it all. I would probably be reminded of that magic moment everytime I hear our own cuckoo clock back home.

Lunch was spent with Mitziâ??s officemates who put together some kind of despedida for her and others who will be returning to their Manila assignments. Ahhh, food was overflowing! Jerry and I had our fill of rice, grilled sausages, kare-kare, spare ribs, embutido, leche flan, maja blanca, brazo de mercedes and of course, lots of chips. What a feast!

Jerry and I took a stroll around the place and took shot of me with the wide expanse of green as my background. It was just lovely!

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