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Tuesday, 8-Mar-2005 00:00
Jake was playing with a few toys last Sunday when he gave out a loud yelp. From the sound of his cry, I knew something hurt him. So it took me a split second from the living room to get to the masters bedroom where he was. Jerry was inside looking after him, but didn't exactly see what happened.

I noticed his left eye looking bloodshot and irritated. Apparently he was playing with the balloon pump or something and accidentally poked his eye with it or with his fingers. The whole day of Sunday, it was red so we short-messaged his pediatrician for first aid. For safety, she referred us to Dr. Cajita, the same eye doctor we saw when Jake was only 3-weeks old.

Dr. Cajita saw Jake yesterday. He did a few tests to see the alignment of the pupils and to check on the redness. This was what he had to say in his note to our pediatrician...

Dear Dr. Diaz,

Thanks for sending back Jake. He has mild subconjunctival hemorrhage. It will spontaneously resolve. No need to treat.


NO NEED TO TREAT. What a relief! We thank God that it was just that and no damage was made to Jake's eyesight. Whew!

Jake's left eye with mildly bleeding blood vessels...

Skylight detail of the building where the eye doctor's clinic was located....

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